1. There are no rules. Just kidding.

2. You must register to post a message. Trust me, it's painless and free. You don't have to register to browse, or lurk through the board, however.

3. You must add 'board@tapeop.com' to your list of allowable senders in your junk mail filter before registering. If you have a junk mail filter, our confirmation email may get filtered out and you won't be able to activate your membership to the board.

4. In order for your new membership to be activated, you must include some personal info in your profile while signing up. Something in the Occupations or Interests fields that will let the board administrator know you are a real recording enthusiast and not a spammer. After your account has been activated, you can change or clear this info from within your profile if you wish.

IMPORTANT: New users will not be activated unless it is clear when you are registering that you are not a spammer!

5. Members that are posting for commercial reasons (equipment manufacturers, studios, etc) rather than just being part of the community are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to include their company name & job title in their signature line. Signature lines can be modified in the member's profile.

6. DO NOT post anything that is essentially an ad for your services, your studio, your school, your products, your band, etc. If you want to advertise on the board, this is NOT the way to do it. Get in touch with us about our ad rates.
Also, if you are a commercial or professional equipment seller, do NOT use this board to sell your gear. Do not link to your auctions on other sites either.
You are welcome to sell your gear privately without charging sales tax, etc.

7. Please post topics within the forum which is suitable for them. If we find people posting in an 'inappropriate' topic, we will move and/or delete your posts.

8. Post responsibly - we don't really want to have to be keeping an eye on the bad apples! Remember, the board and the magazine are free!

9. Speaking of apples, eat some fruit, it's good for ya!

10. Oh yeah, don't bug the web folks with silly questions. Only smart questions.

This one goes to 11.
Here's the secret handshake: [user: tomb] [pass: tomb] - Pay attention because you will need it.

Rules subject to change at any time!