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#1: MOTU DBX FOCUSRITE BEHRINGER Author: Solafide PostPosted: Wed Feb 16, 2005 3:55 pm

I have a few more items to sell.

DBX 386 for $250 including shipping (I have some interest on this one, but nothing concrete yet)
This works great, but does have some scratches on the bottom (they cant been seen when racked)

Focusrite voicemaster pro in excellent condition. $500 plus shipping

Motu 2408 mk3 in excellent condition $700 plus shipping
(I can't actually ship this for another 10 days as I am still using it untill I get my new interface)

Behringer truth b2031 monitor speakers. I went through 3 pair to get ones that sounded good and didn't crap out all the time. For behringer gear these are actually quite usable. I would probably only sell these to someone in Canada, because they are so heavy that shipping to the US would be crazy. So $325 (Canadian).

All these items have been carefully used in my smoke-free studio, and come with original packaging (except for the 386).

Tape Op Message Board -> 5/03-2/05: Buy/Sell/Trade

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