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Things To Consider Before Posting

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 04, 2009 2:41 pm    Post subject: Things To Consider Before Posting Reply with quote

I'm gonna start a list here of things to consider before posting on the DIY Gear Forum. -LC

If you need help with something please mention the item in the Subject Line of your post. Things like, "Help!" or "What's Up?" don't always get opened up and looked at by most of us.

If you plan to post asking for help in self-servicing a piece of gear, please return to read everyone's replies for a few weeks or so. Many posters are willing to take their time and knowledge and share this for free. Don't be rude and never come back!

If you've licked the problem you posted about, please come back and tell us how. Even if you had to hire a tech to do so.

Don't be offended when someone suggests that NOT doing it yourself will be more rewarding. DIY electronics is a great field, but sometimes buying an item off the shelf or hiring a pro may save your sanity and wallet.

If you have a piece of equipment you think is broken be very methodical before posting for advice.
Unplug from all other pieces of gear - especially patchbays.
Unplug from power before opening.
Watch for big capacitors that may hold voltage.
Swap any external cables being used. Test these cables.
Use a steady input source. Tones, metronome, drum machine, CD looped.
Beware of testing any gear with a mic plugged in and listening on headphones.
If it's a stereo device swap all I/O back and forth and see if it follows.
If the device has modular sections swap these around.
If there are socketed op amps swap these around.
Visual inspection:
look for burned resistors, unseated parts, loose cables/connectors,
loose wires and bad solder joints.

Here's one I've learned the hard way: If a problem is unsolvable it probably means that you've assumed along the way that some part of the circuit or such is okay, when that area is probably where the problem lies...

When looking for parts please use Google first! I'm amazed how quick I can solve a problem via Google. Why can't you do this?

If you are REALLY new to electronics pick up some basic tools, an intro book to electronics and some simple kits (they don't have to be audio-related). Learn how to solder, ID parts, and do simple kit construction. Feel free to post with questions, but it's just like asking questions about recording - if you don't know anything it's harder for others to help you.
Larry Crane, Editor/Founder Tape Op Magazine
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