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by oh sweet nuthin
Tue Jan 23, 2007 6:02 am
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Topic: How to get that great fuzzy sound? (New Jay Reatard LP)
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I still haven't heard his latest record yet, although i'm pretty sure its a case of his methods rather than the technology that makes it sound cool. You might want to go check out the Goner Records message'd probably get an answer from Jay about how he made the record. Kind of off topic...
by oh sweet nuthin
Wed Jul 12, 2006 10:13 am
Forum: Creative Recording
Topic: Oil Can Delay
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kayagum wrote:What I'm waiting for is someone on this board to build a reverb chamber in a concrete grain silo on a farm....
the story goes that my morning jacket used a grain silo as a reverb chamber on much of their third record.

by oh sweet nuthin
Tue Dec 13, 2005 7:33 am
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Topic: Let's hear some recordings made on the 388
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Check the cover of Warren Smith's 'Red Cadillac and a Black Mustache

We recorded it for the soundtrack to a friend's campy sci-fi B-movie.

It was recorded on my 388, and mixed down to a Fostex M20 with a danecho pedal on the vocals and drums.