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by iC
Thu Mar 01, 2007 9:07 am
Forum: Creative Recording
Topic: Recording Indian Harmonium
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my to be father in law uses an older Astatic gooseneck, placed between the bellows and stops. We also use the AKG C419 (though these don't hold up on the road all too well) Shure SM57, Oktava MC012.... its more about the balance between drone and melody.
by iC
Wed Feb 28, 2007 8:04 am
Forum: Creative Recording
Topic: Recording the Beatles. . .Damaged?
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Hi. The "tape reel" box on my purchase came with worn edges/corners... the book itself is in fine shape... can't recall the packing job....
by iC
Wed Nov 29, 2006 6:33 pm
Forum: Tape Op Magazine
Topic: husky hoskulds interview?
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TapeOpLarry wrote:In new issue.
So i've waited SOOOOOO long for Huskolds stories and insight... and now.... my longing has paralyzed me. i can't bear to read the interview.... my dream is ending to waking... NOOOOOO.