moog modular and os 10.3?

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moog modular and os 10.3?

Post by julia » Tue Oct 26, 2004 7:50 pm

i had been using my moog modular on my sony vaio with no real problem for a few months (except lagging due to an older computer). however, i just recently acquired a g5 imac and loaded moog modular onto there, but can not use it. every time i open the program it unexpectedly quits.

i e-mailed tech support and they said this problem could be corrected with the update to moog modular v2. unfortunately, this free update is only for registered users, and as i purchased my moog modular off ebay, i came to realize that my number had already been registered. i'm tracking the seller now in dim hope that he is indeed the one who registered it, and will give me his user name and password (i can just imagine how this will turn out)...

does anyone else use moog modular on mac? i'm assuming this is a problem for panther, as it will not load on a g3 imac with panther as well.


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