what cubase version do you use?

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Re: what cubase version do you use?

Post by touched1 » Sat Feb 12, 2005 9:36 pm

Using SX 3.01 here. Been a user/abuser since VST 4.1, after Gibson bought Opcode and promptly trashed it. Taking my beloved VisionDSP with it.

SX 3.01 is pretty damn great. Each revision gets better. SX 1 was very awkward.
There are things about VST 5.1 (batch export for example) that are not preseent in SX. And it's very frustrating. But the hardware integration and audio warp features work the way they descibe in the brochure. Though it would be nice to be able to recall hardware FX configs in other sessions.

Sounds like you made your decision anyway. Just thought I'd chime in.


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