The Rice Krispie Brothers that live in my computer.

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The Rice Krispie Brothers that live in my computer.

Post by R. Alcatraz » Thu Feb 10, 2005 11:05 pm

I posted a thread a week back or so wondering if the presonus firepod would work on a 667 MHz G4 even though it says it wants 800 MHz.

Well, I bought one, and I'm getting some Crackle, I'm getting some Pop, and... um, well, I'm not actually getting any Snap, thank god.

For straight up audio, it's fine. Using Cubase SX 1, I'm getting audio in and out no problem. Sounds pretty good really. Multiple simultanous tracks and that jazz are gravy.

It's when I turn on an effect that I start getting crazy crackling popping hell. A single eq band, a humble overdrive, whatever, any one of these will start giving me a good deal of crackle, and with multiple inserts it gets really gnarly. Run Reason at the same time and it sounds like soda fizzing at 100db. The wierd thing is my VST meter hovers around 15-20% capacity while all this is happening. I've tried fiddling around with buffer size to no avail. I can play back 8 tracks at once fine, but one track with one effect on it and there's lots o crackle.

I'm gonna try calling Presonus, but I feel like they're just gonna tell me to buy a faster computer. Which sort of makes sense. But is this huge shitstorm of digital distortion when I turn a reverb on really just because of a paltry 133 MHz? Does anyone here have any bright ideas? or just ideas?

I know this post is getting pretty long, but, what the hell, there's never much to read in this forum anyways. Thanks in advance youze guys.

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Re: The Rice Krispie Brothers that live in my computer.

Post by foodforthemoon » Fri Feb 11, 2005 1:01 pm

Latency settings?

Or, you could just ask Crackle

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Re: The Rice Krispie Brothers that live in my computer.

Post by T-rex » Fri Feb 11, 2005 2:11 pm

OK, I am not familiar with the Firepod, but I use Nuendo (which is basically Cubase). Does the firepod have an ASIO driver? If so you should use it, way more efficient. Also, what do you have your buffer settings at? If you need low latnecy for tracking, you should use low buffer settings for that, but as soon as you start to mix, crank the buffer settings up. Unless you are using outboard gear the latency won't matter and it should give you a little more power for effects etc.

Second thing, have you optimized your computer for audio? Yes, the more power you have the better, but when you start turning off all the crap services that you don't need then that will help immensely. Of course I see that you have a Mac. I run PC so I am not really sure, Mac's seem to run pretty clean anyway, but there are tons of sites dedicated to optimizing PC's for use with audio, maybe you can locate someting like this for Mac. There's got to be a tone of Mac Music websites out there.

Good luck!
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