Need a good cpu/cost efficient vsti host

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Need a good cpu/cost efficient vsti host

Post by lancebug » Mon Feb 14, 2005 4:53 pm

I have been happily(more or less) using protools for the last several years for tracking and editing but recenty have been getting more and more into virtual instruments such as the arturia stuff and samplers. I recently tried cubase sx1 for about a week and it seemed a lot better suited to running the VI's and seemed to give me a little more processor headroom (a g4 800 tower w/512). I would like something affordable stable and well suited to midi editing and vsti hosting. Would the SL version of cubase be fine? I missed the Free Tracktion as I was still in os9 but am now running 10.2.8. Is tracktion a good option for $80? Better than Cubase SE? Are there any other major players? Like I said I'm running arturia stuff and a couple other things so 'd like to stay in the RTAS/VST realm as I already have a little invested. God I hate the whole realtime bounce(error) to disk thing in protools. I havent fiddled a lot with PTLE 6 much since I converted but it I always hated having a mix just right only to find you couldnt bounce it without first rendering a buch of audiosuite stuff. Totally stupid.


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