ProTools 6.2.2 always crashes when my mac sleeps

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ProTools 6.2.2 always crashes when my mac sleeps

Post by veedub242 » Tue Feb 15, 2005 10:32 am

so i am mixing for a few hours and i get up to eat and go to the bathroom. come back 15 min later and my mac is sleeping. I hit any key to wake up and continue and protools unexpectedly quits and I loose everthing i just worked on. Its happened to me like 5 times. I also know i need to get into the habit of saving every 2 seconds which i dont do. I have since turned off the energy saver but that seems like a cheap fix to a bigger problem. any suggestions?

Also, when I double click a protools icon to open a session. Protoos will open and then i have to click the icon again to get the session to open. weird shit. Thanks,
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Re: ProTools 6.2.2 always crashes when my mac sleeps

Post by sonikbliss » Tue Feb 15, 2005 10:41 am

You are supposed to have to have energy saver disabled, it is one of the first steps to configuring your computer listed in the PT setup guide. Leave it off and you shouldn't have that problem anymore.

You can also configure PT to automatically save a copy of your session at a specified interval if you can't get into the habit of saving it yourself.

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Re: ProTools 6.2.2 always crashes when my mac sleeps

Post by DryCounty » Tue Feb 15, 2005 11:27 am

If your computer goes to sleep it will essentially lose all connectivity to any external (re: 002) devices. Make sure your computer NEVER goes to sleep -- if you must, configure a screen saver or something after x number of minutes but do not have it sleep at all. Also make sure that the "put the hard disks to sleep whenever possible" button is not checked either.
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