Guitarist/bassist in D/FW area

black mariah
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Guitarist/bassist in D/FW area

Post by black mariah » Fri Jun 13, 2003 9:13 pm

8 years playing with stage and recording experience. Looking to form... umm... a band. I don't care what type of music. Indie, death metal, punk... whatever. I can do it all (wow, that sounded egotistical. :lol: ). The only things I'm not up for are jazz and country simply because I'm not very familiar with those styles. I'm sick of failing in the band department. If you can actually play your instrument, get in touch.

I should mention that the above is intended to be humourous. Well, mostly. :? I'm just looking for good musicians to be in a band with. If you're around here, email me or something.


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