The new incarnation of a PDX band is looking for. . .

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The new incarnation of a PDX band is looking for. . .

Post by rockstarfactory » Mon Nov 08, 2004 12:31 am

. . .

a percussionist/drummer who isn't afraid to get by with less. Use a small kit, use weird percussion instruments rather than (or in addition to) most of the kit, and hit with her/his hands, brushes or rods.

a bassist who plays both upright and electric bass. 5-string is a nice option too.

a cellist, a violist, and a violinist. Some of our songs have parts written already; some of them, you could either play what you like, or we can work collectively on parts. The ability to improvise will serve you well.

a keyboardist who loves everything from classical music to old analog synthesizers. Mellotron, Chamberlin, Farfisa, Rhodes/Wurlitzer piano, and of course, real piano are all par for the course.

an electric guitarist who is very melodic and tasteful, but who likes to rock occasionally, and share cool parts with another really good, melodic, tasteful lead guitarist who likes to rock occasionally.

She is a talented singer/songwriter who will sing and play acoustic guitar.

He is a talented multi-instrumentalist who will play either electric guitar or keyboards (or both) in addition to accordion, occasional cello and many other things.

The song structure is set, but what we do to the songs is not. You would be free to create your own appropriate parts, or learn what is on the CD, whichever you choose. This will be an interesting, eclectic, and challenging project. A little classical, a little rock, a lot of ethereal beauty, a lot of creative use of space, a lot of dynamics. A good ear and a great attitude will get you far in this band. Multi-instrumentalism will get you far in this band. We are excited about creating a combination of sounds we haven't heard before. We don't know for sure what this will all sound like either, but we can't wait to meet you and hear what you've been up to all this time. Hopefully you bring something that never occurred to us.

If this sounds intriguing, please contact one of us as soon as possible, and let's start bringing this dream to fruition.

Thank you for reading all of this. We hope to hear from you soon.


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