Nashville bassist for hire

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Nashville bassist for hire

Post by koolbass » Sun Nov 14, 2004 9:03 pm

I'm available for session work. I'll travel to your studio for the right price, or you can send me an mp3, and I'll send you a finished wav file of a bass part you can download from my ftp. Will work for $50.00/song, payable through PayPal.
I have 8 basses, and my primary bass is a Sadowsky 5-string. I record through an API mic-pre, an API EQ, an ADL tube compressor, and an Avalon U5 di (or a sansamp di). I use a MOTU 896 to record to computer.
I finished a degree in music for the University of North Texas in jazz and classical, and I play most commercial styles. I've toured with such people as Shania Twain, Nokie Edwards (the Ventures), Tom T. Hall, John Conlee, etc. Extensive recording, TV and live experience. For my phone number, go to my web site:, or email me.
Thanx, :)
Lance "koolbass" Martin


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