ATLANTA GA - Owlish Prog Guitarist Searching The Woods

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ATLANTA GA - Owlish Prog Guitarist Searching The Woods

Post by Phil Owl » Tue Jan 18, 2005 1:09 pm

A 40-something owlish guitarist and shamelessly hard-core progger/improv fan is looking to put together a live/recording band incarnation of The Owl Watches.

My expectations are realistically this:

? Being that I already have a day-job, making huge Madonna/Michael Jackson $$ is NOT a priority with me. My Number One priority is creating and performing meaty, challenging music for music?s sake in live and recorded settings (though I?m certainly not opposed to being paid for it)

? My vision is to do an all-instrumental progressive band (vocal ability is EXTREMELY optional here) where the participants contribute by way of composition, improv/jam, arrangement or any combination thereof, and NOT just merely playing parts. I see my own role in it as a facilitator, NOT a maniacal dictator. I?m of the mind that micro-managing is evil and kills creativity.

? Part of my vision includes playing with musicians that are equally at ease with the idea of improvising onstage as they are with playing composed pieces, and the occasional cover tune/reworking for fun.

My Prime Musical Influences: Miles Davis, Magma, King Crimson, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Cream, Hendrix, Crime-Jazz, ECM-style jazz, Ravel and Stravinsky.

And with that in mind, here?s what I?m looking for:

1. BASS: Are you a bassist with a distinct character in their playing, funky, melodic, musically deep and understands what good bassmanship is all about, someone who plays musically, NOT a technique/speed obsessed wanker OR a thumping minimalist who?s just barely there? Deep Groove, soul, big ears, decent gear and creativity a must. And PLEASE, NO people with MRF (Morbid Rush Fixation), a HUGE pet peeve of mine (I?ve heard enough Geddy Lee wannabes to last me several lifetimes). Fretless not a requirement but it?s sure a nice bonus if at all possible.

2. KEYBOARDS: No cape required here. :wink: Do you have an unabashed crazy, mad love of classic analog sounds (Mellotron, Hammond, Rhodes, Clav etc) and can you create interesting new vivid and striking textures as well? Do you have a good sense of humor? Is creating music #1 for you? Is your playing MUSICAL as opposed to just being technical? Let?s talk! Secondary instruments (like horns, winds, guitar, violin et al) are a nice bonus but certainly not required. The only things that are off-limits are show-offy wankery, corniness, cheesy 80?s and early 90?s digital synth sounds (insert vomiting sound here) and accordions (this ain?t Lawrence Welk!).

3. DRUMS: Kind of similar to what I look for in a bassist, someone who can combine the looseness and creativity of a jazzer, the power and dynamism of a great rock drummer and the sheer funkiness of guys like Dave Garibaldi, Clyde Stubblefield and Bernard
Purdie. You don?t need a huge kit, just lots of creativity, soul, feel, a keen sense of dynamics, wide open ears (listening to the whole picture) and a sense of humor. Please DO call if you dig these things. Please DON?T call if:

? You?re a beginner
? A death/thrash-metal basher

OK, hopefully I haven?t lost you yet.


Please feel free to contact me if:

? You?ve read this ad completely and understand its contents
? If this is something that GENUINELY interests you (no yes-men please)
? You are responsible, reliable and have a pro attitude
? You DON?T have drug, booze or extreme psych issues
? Creating interesting, meaty colorful music is Priority #1 for you in the creative part of your life
? Have a sense of humor and don?t take yourself too seriously (but take the creativity seriously), a band should be FUN not a drudge!
? Your musicianship isn?t just chops or technique, but something honest from deep within your heart

Please DO NOT contact me if:

? You have MRF (Morbid Rush Fixation)
? You DO have drug, booze or extreme psych issues
? Are looking for Big $$$ (there?s plenty of Top-40/Pop bands out there that could use your services though)
? You have a huge ego and have to be the center of attention 110% of the time and constantly show off how fast you can play.
? You?re just content to do boring, vacuous, run-of-the-mill radio friendly pap.

I also will EMPHATICALLY state that I have ZERO interest in doing a cover/Top-40/Pop band, been there, done that, HATED EVERY SECOND OF IT, so please do not ask me if I want to be in one, the answer is NO, PERIOD, NOT INTERESTED!


A balance of musical AND personal chemistry is absolutely essential for a band to work properly, what good is it to try doing something when the musicians hate each others guts? I want this to be a situation where we not just get along but get along famously as well as creating together! If this is something that appeals to you, let?s sit down over lunch or dinner before we play a note and see if we?re traveling the same road.

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