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Post by johnny7 » Thu Mar 10, 2011 11:59 pm

I started taping music off the radio on a portable cassette player when I was eight.
The first song i "stole" was Fox on the Run, but I missed the first verse cause i had to put the tape in and then set the player in front of the speakers.(I was already thinking about mic placement)
Throughout my teens I stole from the Beatles, Stones, and anyone else that was on a record within my reach. In fact, I used to purchase stolen goods from the local record store - bootleg records! Bedspring Symphony is still one of my favorite recordings.
Not long ago I was looking for a copy of an old 50s tune that I needed to learn for a gig. I found all these blogspot sites with ripped records. Amongst them I happened upon a download page for one of my band's own CDs...payback's a bitch!

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