#129 Neve Genesys Black

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#129 Neve Genesys Black

Post by roscoenyc » Sun Jan 27, 2019 11:43 am

I enjoyed reading the review of the Neve Genesys, especially the Black model with the dedicated DAW section and built in monitor screen.

I find it kind of nuts that more console makers haven't got these features integrated into their architecture at this point.

A few have some DAW features, a few others have left room for the screen but it really seems odd that more companies haven't put the 2 together and added them.

Having that computer set up to the side is not optimum. Even if we say it's ok, we all know it's just not that good.

I hope to see more console companies integrate these features and I tip my hat to AMS/Neve for doing it so well on the Genesys Black.

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