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Post by E Car » Mon Jun 26, 2006 5:30 pm

I second (fifth) Chicago. A great city with a lot of recording resources (partial list of studios on my site), deep music history (blues, house, soul, step, rock, etc.), lots of great food and plenty of neighborhoods to explore. I imagine enough people know folks here that for many it would be cheap--like crash on couch cheap.

As for Tucson--it was a blast. I meet a bunch of great people (lots of them from Illinois and Indiana) and learned quite a bit. Just like college, the best stuff was not going on in class but in-between, during lunch, etc. Or even lounging by the pool. The vibe is very approachable and no one I spoke with had any airs. I even got in some horse riding and water sliding!

Two thumbs up! Looking forward to next year!



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