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Post by centurymantra » Mon Jul 10, 2006 11:52 am

MoreSpaceEcho wrote:that panel was my favorite too. close runner up was the 'favorite mix moments' that craig moderated. his story about mixing that calexico track was great, and when he played the i was holding back tears then as well.

The snippets and tidbits of feedback from Tucson are just reinforcing my bummed-out state of mind over not being able to make it to the conference. This comment perked my interest the most though. I love Craig's 'sound' and am way into the Calexico records.

Any chance you can paraphrase that story for me...if it's not too long and involved. I'd love to hear it.

(repeating to self)...'must make it next year..."

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Post by 1176 » Wed Jul 19, 2006 12:13 pm

dwlb wrote:
MoreSpaceEcho wrote:
cgarges wrote: I've also always been a big Sylvia Massey fan, but I think she's my new hero.
she was the savior of the evening friday night at the fox theater.
I thought the savior of the evening was the guy who finally was successful in ringing out Larry's mic...

...oh, wait, that never happened. :wink:
Yeah, how come there was feedback? Were they using floor monitors or something? I was sitting near the booth, and the guy was riding the faders like he was automating several close miced French Horns. The "Larry Crane Show" still needs a little work. Sorry to bitch.

Anyway, don't mean to hijack. I also wanted to voice how wonderful those two panels were, and how generous and hard working Craig is for putting on such a great event. BTW man, your Calexico mix brought me to tears, the song and recording were totally beautiful.


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