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Wow and Thanks!

Post by drunton » Tue Jun 20, 2006 12:34 am

All I can say is Wow! Craig, Larry, the whole TapeOpCon crew... everyone that worked their butts off to make this all come together - the ones that didn't get to listen because they were solving the small issues in the background, didn't get to eat because they were helping others (Scott H amongst others) - Thanks so much. Killer show!

And kudos to the invited panelists, lecturers, exhibitors - the wealth of knowledge, the general caring, and the desire to help others in their pursuit of the art. It was really great to be able to speak personally with the developers of such great gear. Why talk to a sales rep when Dan Kennedy, Douglas Fearn, Wes Dooley, Aspen Pitman are all there, know the answers and are great to talk to.

Thanks to all of you for the inspiration that I gained in Tucson.
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