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Post by KennyLusk » Tue Jun 26, 2007 12:10 pm

Rob Christensen wrote:I wish there was a seperate day just for the PotLuck Studio. A whole lot of the time I wanted to be there AND at a workshop.
I totally agree with that. I hated having to make some of the decisions I made on which workshops to go to and the potluck studio workshops were awesome (for a home recording engineer like me).

Someone else mentioned Mark Rubel and I have to say he was definitely one of the highlights of TOC for me. Not to take anything away from the other panelists at all, but Mark is truly a great teacher and an excellent speaker and knows how to cut to the chase without skipping important details. If you missed him and ever have a chance to study with him or see him speak, I highly suggest your efforts will be worth it.

Another highlight I haven't seen mentioned here was the Analog Synthesis workshop. Those guys had some sick gear in there and at the helm of it all was none other than Steve Roach (who wasn't even listed as a panelist). So, needless to say it was incredible to meet Steve Roach as well as the other distinguished panelists for that workshop.

The TOC was good-times all the way around. John Rauhouse was a treat to see in the acoustic instruments workshop BTW. He played banjo and slide guitar. A huge treat!
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