Presonus Eureka DIY Mods / Revive Audio Mods worth it?

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Presonus Eureka DIY Mods / Revive Audio Mods worth it?

Post by alexdingley » Wed May 20, 2020 7:16 am

Hi there — 

I have a couple of persons Eureka channel strips, and:
  • they're older so they probably could stand to have the pots shot out with some contact cleaner
    They've never been "really great" sounding... just "pretty decent" to my ears
I've hard positive things online about the DIY mods, and I saw that Revive audio is selling their mail-in Eureka mod for $299 per unit.

Since I now have a kid, I'm pretty sure my days of indulging in the annual "big boy gear" purchase are probably gone for a while, I'm starting to look around at how I can spend less /but improve what I've already got. The DIY OP Amp mods seem like a really quick & cheap way to goose these up a bit, but I'm curious if anyone here has experience with the revive mods, and how a revive-modded unit stacks up against a stock model.

Would primarily use this on Acoustic Guitar / Bass DI / Vocals (if the improvement was substantial)

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Re: Presonus Eureka DIY Mods / Revive Audio Mods worth it?

Post by vvv » Wed May 20, 2020 7:30 am

Can't answer re mods, as my Eureka is stock.

FWIW, I agree with never been '"really great" sounding... just "pretty decent"' as a descrip, but for me that's a feature.

I think they are a very solid pre, very flexible and functional, without much "mojo"*, altho the impedance selector, and the saturation control and the EQ can create some.

Thing is, it's so good at being vanilla that that's how I use it, which really allows me to choose mics and even other or follow-up compressors for their flavor.

I do like mojo - I have a cuppla Meeks (including the VC1Q) that are instant color (that I now see as green :twisted: ). FWIW, just for context, I also have some other stuff including with tubes and iron ...

But when I want to set up and switch out mics, when I want a solid chain for vox (I pretty much leave mine tweaked to taste), and it's a bonus that it's so easy to use.

I mean at 2 x $299, unless you need 'em for stereo, I'd be looking for a third pre.

*mojo is like "warm" and "porn" - rather subjective, but for me that means "colored inna good way"; the Eureka is not transparent, but I tend to use it as "clean".
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Re: Presonus Eureka DIY Mods / Revive Audio Mods worth it?

Post by markjazzbassist » Wed May 20, 2020 7:40 am

are you handy with a soldering iron? the revive mods i've seen for other items looks nice but it also looks like a ton of marketing mumbo jumbo. basically every listing says "wider soundstage, more bandwidth, clearer" etc etc. all they are doing in most cases is replacing opamps with newer faster ones (burr brown) and replacing caps with newer ones that haven't drifted and are tighter tolerance wise. This is stuff you can do yourself and save a ton of money. Sure it takes time, but once you get into it you'll open a whole world of higher end gear that is available is you build it yourself (CAPI) for cheap, or midrange gear that you can mod into higher end gear. On some listings i've seen them add Transformers or remove parts and re-route the electronics, if it's that kinda work then yeah probably worth it. but if it's opamps and caps, do it yourself.

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Re: Presonus Eureka DIY Mods / Revive Audio Mods worth it?

Post by digitaldrummer » Wed May 20, 2020 9:25 am

for $299 you can probably find something that would be more interesting to mod, or as is. IMO modding the Eureka would be "like polishing a turd"... I mean it's shiny now, but... :mrgreen:
and not that the Eurekas are turds, but their potential to improve is limited.
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Re: Presonus Eureka DIY Mods / Revive Audio Mods worth it?

Post by kslight » Wed May 20, 2020 1:26 pm

Even after spending $299 on top of whatever those cost that really going to be better than something you could get for the same value? Their service is probably $295 in labor and $5 in components?

I kind of think all of the modding services are a little snake oil and a lot of marketing trying to feed on confirmation bias. YMMV

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Re: Presonus Eureka DIY Mods / Revive Audio Mods worth it?

Post by permanent hearing damage » Sat May 23, 2020 11:26 am

+1 on just getting something else.

i recognize you may not have a 500 rack (can be had used for fairly cheap), but you can get used capi modules for around $300 all the time, already assembled and they rock

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Re: Presonus Eureka DIY Mods / Revive Audio Mods worth it?

Post by Nick Sevilla » Sat May 23, 2020 5:47 pm

Save money, get one or a pair of these things:
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