Who has used Ramsa boards?

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Who has used Ramsa boards?

Post by standup » Sat Aug 01, 2020 7:56 pm

The Soundcraft powered board that I use for band practice needs work. 2 of the 8 channels are clean, the rest are distorted.

And the thing is heavy and has needed repairs every few years, so I'm going to replace it.

With a Ramsa 208 that I got super-cheap off e-bay ($25 + $40 shipping. That cheap). Looks clean, but the seller makes no promises about whether it works or not. But I don't mind dousing it in DeOxit and maybe taking it in for repairs when it's that cheap.

This really will be part of a mini-PA for band practice mostly. With a Crown amp to drive Yamaha wedges. I have nice preamps to record with. But it might find its way into recording situations here and there.

Is it related to the Ramsa 4416 etc that people seem to like? I remember a studio I went to ages ago to do demos was based on a Ramsa board and those demos sounded good. And that guy became rather well-known later, he was a talented engineer.

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