Recommend an FTP program

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Recommend an FTP program

Post by rolandk » Sun Jan 15, 2006 10:07 pm

I'm using a 30 day demo of Ipswitch WS_FTP Professional at the moment and will eventually need to buy something.

WS_FTP works great but the sound effects are so horrid and irritating I won't buy it for that reason alone. One time I unknowingly had the sound cranked on my computer. When it gave the sound to tell me it finished transfering the file I almost literally had a heart attack.

Anyways, I'm running Win XP but feel free to chime in with Mac programs. Anything free out there?
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Jeremy Garber
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Post by Jeremy Garber » Sun Jan 15, 2006 10:14 pm

Internet Explorer works just fine for simple copy/paste stuff. If you need a dedicated program, check out LeechFTP. I believe it is free.

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Post by MechaGodzilla » Mon Jan 16, 2006 2:02 am

It's Mac only, but if you're ever using one, check out Transmit.

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Post by jmiller » Mon Jan 16, 2006 2:18 am

On PC I use Filezilla.
On MacOSX I use Cyberduck.

Both are open source, free downloads (donations are welcomed). I don't know what your specific needs are but they've been fine for me and my work depends on it.

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Post by earl parameter » Mon Jan 16, 2006 2:55 am

i'll second filezilla

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Post by MD » Mon Jan 16, 2006 5:49 am

Freeware (for personal use) that works fine.

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Post by kayagum » Mon Jan 16, 2006 7:20 am

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Post by mrclean » Mon Jan 16, 2006 9:41 am

-- mrclean

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Post by KennyD » Mon Jan 16, 2006 12:16 pm

I use good old Fetch for OS X. It's not free, though. I think I've been using it for about 8 years now...

-Kenny D

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Post by sonicmook56 » Tue Jan 24, 2006 11:53 pm

not free, but good is Captian FTP


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Post by dirty » Wed Jan 25, 2006 7:14 am

Cyberduck for the Mac is great.

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Post by syrupcore » Wed Jan 25, 2006 9:43 am

4th for Filezilla.

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Post by tomshad » Sat Mar 11, 2006 9:39 am

dirty wrote:Cyberduck for the Mac is great.
Id third cyberduck

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Post by Everybody's X » Sat Mar 11, 2006 5:22 pm

you know you can turn the sounds OFF right?
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Post by b3groover » Thu Mar 16, 2006 8:15 am

MD wrote:

Freeware (for personal use) that works fine.

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