What was your best garage sale/thrift store/pawn shop find?

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Post by tonewoods » Mon Jul 31, 2006 10:29 am

A near-mint Chamberlin in totally working condition for free at our local dump...

An RCA BA-6A, Gates Sta-Level, 4 Ampex 351 tpae recorder electronics, and 2 Altec 1567a's for 250.00 at a radio station "cleaning house" sale...

A Gates Level-Devil and a Gates 39b for 75 bucks at a Louisiana radio station right smack dab in the middle of Cajun country...
(Lots of good vibes went through those tubes....)

A '58 Telefunken U47 for $1K at a garage sale. I asked if he was firm on the price, and he said "I know what these are worth"...
(Turns out he might be right. It was Nu-vistered, the capsule needs work, and the PS is a bit funky. Might cost what the mic is worth to get all this up to snuff....)
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Post by i am monster face » Mon Jul 31, 2006 10:51 am

I was walking through the "North Bottoms" section of Lincoln, Nebraska and a small church was having a garage-type sale.

I saw a box of old electronics and asked what they wanted. They said $20 to take everything out of there. They then brought out two more boxes.

I scored a whole bunch of EV 664, 665, RE15, 635A's, (2) RCA Varacoustics, (2) RCA BK5's (which never worked correctly, I still haven't gotten it reribboned, I know I should) a Shure SM33, a Shure SM63, and some other cool mics. Turns out in the early 50's the entire place had an install done by RCA. So every microphone, amplifier, mixer, and even the wiring had RCA on it. Later on, a local radio announcer who attended the church donated the EV and Shure mics. Unfortunetly the RCAmixer and amps were sitting in the attic since the late 80's and had pretty severe water damage. I also got some neat old tubes and weird stereo's and things.

I also bought an old Klark Teknik digital delay at the Green Dragon flea market in Ephrata, Pennsylvania.

That's about it.


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Post by ??????? » Mon Jul 31, 2006 10:53 am

CharlesM wrote:1950s Gretsch Progressive Jazz 4" x 14" blue sparkle snare drum: $25.00 at garage sale c. 1985.

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Mark Alan Miller
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Post by Mark Alan Miller » Mon Jul 31, 2006 10:53 am

Compusound by Frogg. $9 at a Salvation Army store. Whee!
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Post by drewbass » Mon Jul 31, 2006 10:54 am

rockman sustainor- $0.50
rockman stereo chorus delay- $0.50
sound master sr-88
and all that api and melcor stuff i've talked about that i worship everyday

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Post by Spiderhead69 » Mon Jul 31, 2006 11:21 am

Hafler XL280 power amp and the 110 pre-amp. Both for $35 from a garage sale.

Mackie 1202 mixer, $20 from Goodwill.

Polk Audio speakers, 5jr model, $10 from Goodwill.

Will Box
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Post by Will Box » Mon Jul 31, 2006 11:57 am

Picked up a `74 Fender Vibrolux reverb for $80 back in about 91, when CBS Fender amps (according to conventional wisdom) were the worst crap around.

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Post by pulse_divider » Mon Jul 31, 2006 12:34 pm

I had all but given up on finding cool music stuff at my local flea market so I quit going last summer. Last weekend some friends were visiting from out of town and wanted to go.... thanks to them I scored an almost consecutive pair of Urei LA-4s for $100.

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Post by bluesman » Mon Jul 31, 2006 1:19 pm

Ludwig Vistalite complete kit-perfect- yardsale for $10.00 in 2002
Slingerland big Jazz kit, beautiful, 24" kick, snare, double rack toms, double floor toms. all really big drums- church yardsale for $40.00 in 2004
Fender Showman 1-15 Tonering Cabinet-church yardsale, the same one as the Slingerland kit & at the same time-$40.00
All this stuff was in excellent condition.
1967 Fender Super Reverb in terrible condition-$20.00 in the early 1990's, I rebuilt it & still have it to this day. It sounds Super-b
Sound City 120 head- free 2003, it was left on the sidewalk, in front of a record store, the store owner called me & asked if I would haul it off...it worked.
In the late 90's a friend sold me an old Peevey PA head, a Hammond M-3 with a 145 Leslie and a dual manual Mellotron for $100.00.
A few months ago another friend gave me an Earth BA2000 bass rig with matching Earth 2-15 bottom....he even delivered it......it works, but needs a cap job.
Enough....Im sure you guys are getting sick of me!!
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the velour fog
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Post by the velour fog » Mon Jul 31, 2006 2:11 pm

a dead mint wurlitzer 200a for $200. the owner even still had the original box and manual.

more chord organs and casios then you can shake a stick at. about $5 a piece.

and this weekend i got this for $50.

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Quest Poetics
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Post by Quest Poetics » Mon Jul 31, 2006 2:53 pm

peavey vmp tube 2 channel mic pre $175 pawn shop

Shure sm81 $100 pawn shop

Akg c414 $150 pawn shop

another akg 414 $100 Garage sale

(3) audix d2's and (2) audix d4's all for $200 pawn shop

mesa booge studio 22+ combo amp $100 pawn shop

Amek Neve 9098 dual limiter compressor $1000 online music store

Akg 4033 and Nady tube microphone both $200 pawn shop

shure beta 57 $30 pawn shop

(3) Audix om6's all or $60 pawn shop

Art Pro VLA w/ 2 channel blue tube mic preamp all inside of a 6 channel rack case w/ 8 channel snake and new spdif cables $175....Pawn shop

and tons of other shit...You just have to be persistent and shit will pop up eventually ....

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Post by jamoo » Mon Jul 31, 2006 4:35 pm

original ss vox pathfinder - $5

(i wish i still had it.)

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Post by blakbeltjonez » Mon Jul 31, 2006 6:04 pm

most of this is synth stuff:

1994, $30 Yamaha CS-15 analog synth, at a guitar store.... they couldn't get it to make a noise, all the knobs and switches and sliders confused them so i took it off thier hands.... i still have it, the portamento is actng kinda funky though.

about the same time i had a couple of friends that bought TB-303's at garage sales, etc....never paid more than $25. i got in late in the game, bought mine for $75... still have it. i've had 3 TR-909's , never paid more than $200 for any of them.

got a solid state Echoplex for $40, it wasn't working ...fixed it up, still have it although it needs a new tape.

this one was the one that kills me: a co-worker was garage sale-ing about 15 years ago, encountered a garage sale with a crappy drum kit and a complete ARP 2600, for $40....... he left, but thought afterwards he should get the ARP.... an hour later he came back, it was gone.......

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Post by beauarts » Mon Jul 31, 2006 11:32 pm

Picked up 3 of those heavy-duty Atlas stands, the ones with the chrome triangular base for $5 each at a garage sale. I left my card and 2 months later they called and I bought a old Sunn tube bass head with 4x10 cabinet and a Roland Space Echo for $50. Woohoo!

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Post by jmpizzoferrato » Tue Aug 01, 2006 12:43 am

1950s orange sparkle premier kit. metric-sized toms!! it included zildjian crash, ride, and hats also from the 50s. all original hardware.. even the original plastic throne!

$350 from a random guy that new i played music in my hometown. probably around 1998. i was still in high school.

free 1975 50 watt marshall JMP. a friend of mine had it lying around his B3 storage space. (he owns litarally 21 B3s and two leslies for each- not counting broken ones!) he gave me the amp. i ended up needing to replace a transformer and get it retubed.

two PL20s. free from my father's old music store. leftovers after it closed.

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