Mackie vs. Soundcraft mixers

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Post by blakbeltjonez » Sat Nov 25, 2006 2:00 pm

wedge wrote:
getreel wrote:I remember when I worked at a pro audio shop back in '97 people thought the little Mackie 1202's mic pres sounded better than the 8 buss due there being less circuitry in the mixer.
I had one of those that I bought back then, and I wish I still had it damnit! I *do* remember people being hyped about their sound, back then. And I've seen professional soundmen use them on location... Small and effective, perfect for routing a small studio. I do like my Soundcraft M8 quite a bit, though, although for my small outfit, it's a bit of overkill. But I do like the pres, and use them a lot... It makes me happy...
the little 1604's and 1202's weren't bad at all - not much in them to mess things up with. i loathed the 8 buss mackies, but a lot of people liked them, for reasons i could never quite fathom.

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