Need 2nd Guitar Recommendations (LPs, SG, and the ilk)

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Post by GooberNumber9 » Tue Feb 13, 2007 5:55 pm

+1 on tracking down a Hamer. Those things are GREAT LP clones.

Also, I just want to clarify that I said modding a Strat or Tele will not make it sound like an LP or SG. I didn't say it wouldn't make it sound like a humbucker. The pickups are only one piece of a guitar's tone.

Same reason why putting single-coils in an LP doesn't make it sound like a Tele. The question is whether you're looking for that humbucker sound, or that LP sound, or both.

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Re: Need 2nd Guitar Recommendations (LPs, SG, and the ilk)

Post by traveen » Thu Feb 15, 2007 10:46 pm

I'll 2nd or third a Hamer recommendation. For the money, the Korean Hamers are hard to beat. Ibanez also has several nice lower priced models that are a great bang for the buck.

If you're thinking Ibanez Jet King, I have one I'll sell you. I like the thing but I just have too fricking many guitars. I found the pickups a little weak so I got some replacement ones for it.

comfortstarr wrote:Of late I've become desirous of the humbucker tone. I'm thinking of buying something cheap (fake SG, fake LP, Ibanez Jet King thing). Any recommendations? Has anyone tried the Agile SG/LP knock-offs ( Muy cheapo. I've played a cheapie Epiphone SG, didn't much like. My only electric is a very nice non-Fender strat and it does all the strat stuff well. I'm just looking for something different and less than 300 clams.

Related question: for recording I mostly use a Peavey Classic 20, will that play nice with an LP style guitar? It sounds great with the strat... Just curious.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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Post by UXB » Fri Feb 16, 2007 1:24 am

ledogboy wrote:Another option-
Check out a Gibson L6-S. I've owned three over the years, and they were great guitars. Kinda like a cross between a Les Paul and an SG, with a shape closer to the LP, and a feel closer to an SG. The weight is somewhere in between the two. You can get them in two flavors, the standard, which has a two humbuckers, a funky five position tone selector and your standard tone and volume, or the Custom which is two HB's, with a standard three way bridge-neck toggle. Oh yeah, the custom also has the strings come through the body. You can find these guitars in the $350-700 range, they are real gibsons, and I think they are quite nice. They were my main geeters for years, until I became addicted to hollowbodies. My 2 cents...
I second that emotion. There were a few models from the 70's that are cool, despite their lack of street cred.

Regarding the strat mod, well, in the ear of the beholder... It's a sound, but not a Gibson one - physics at work on this one. You can find some great deals on early 80'2 V's and such as well. Budget for a refret. Hamer makes some great stuff, but watch out on the maple top stuff, that it may be too pokey in an 80's kind of way. I would love to own their korina lp junior.

There are a few ways down this path - cheap guitar with good p'ups, and don't forget to check out Loller humbuckers.


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Post by Philo » Fri Feb 16, 2007 3:29 am

Korean built, 2 P90s, fun to play!

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