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Post by lotusstudio » Wed Mar 26, 2008 6:20 pm

Hey, that's what I do! I've engineered 5 albums at my cabin in the NC mountains - Lotus Studio annex. It's an ordeal to move everything up there but I've done it several times - it's SOOOO quiet and there are no distractions.

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Post by stevebozz » Sat Mar 29, 2008 12:25 pm

thanks for the feedback and for folks sounding in with their experiences. I am hot on track here chasing leads on medium-sized, secluded cabins, chalets (what the heck is a chalet anyway?) and vacation rentals in central PA.

I'm still a bit unsettled about the possibility of things not going well renting a spot to record a full band in, i.e. a neighbor freaking out on day 1! I think good communication and honesty about the process of a band playing in a renter's home should help us avoid that situation.

I'm really attracted to the houses with big cavernous ceilings in the living room, which thankfully seem to be the style for these skiing families that rent the cabins most of the winter months.

Planning on bringing some tarps and rugs to avoid any damage to the house and loss of security deposit. Moving furniture exactly back where we found it needs to be considered.. I'm thinking of cardboard markers or some sort of remember-exactly-where-it-was system.

Also excited to pop a large bird in the oven first night to live on for the week!

I appreciate the suggestions about North Carolina, Indiana, etc. I think we want to do this within 2 hours drive, cut down on costs and "time-off" necessary. At least 2 of us are quitting our jobs strategically before this process and we want to keep costs as low as possible. Peace!

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Post by Alex Netick » Sat Mar 29, 2008 1:18 pm

Most of America, outside of the cities, is wide open space. I can think of a million places, once you get out of an urban area, all of which are dirt cheap to rent/live. Just take a map out and throw a dart, and I'll bet you'd find a place. You like desert? There are probably a billion square miles that cost nothing to stay in. Forest? Take your pick. Find a redneck spot out in the middle of nowhere. Ocean? I've been to places in Oregon near Coos Bay that you could rent for almost nothing.

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