tascam 238 freaking out

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tascam 238 freaking out

Post by arkestra » Thu Sep 20, 2007 8:32 pm

hey so my 238 is doing the dreaded "playing slow and making noise" thing. I know the motor is shot but does anyone know about where to get parts? ive been told tascam does not service these anymore. Im thinking of just buying the motor if I can and seeing what can be done. Is this a problem with the main drive motor or the capstan motor? can I frankenstein motors from other tascam/teac decks?

but really, what is the root of the problem? mechanical or logic? Its been sitting so im thinking its a cap that went and blew some chip that controls the speed. . . ?? it just seems unlikely that a motor that has been sitting would just decide to go by running inconsistently. bad voltage to the motor? just to curious for my own good. maybe I should just ditch it.

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