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Post by BeepBeep » Wed Apr 09, 2008 4:08 pm

I said I would record using external pres and report back. So here it is; using my racked Neotek 1e channel strips and sm7b on an acoustic I actually thought it sounded pretty good, but hissy. The noise floor on the BR was just to high for my taste, but it might work if you depending on the project. Although I'm digging the BR I may replace it with a Zoom H4 for field recordings. Good luck.

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Post by Wolfman Sack » Thu Apr 10, 2008 5:33 am

It's really easy to export it to your computer. First you need to buy one of those USB cables that are small on one end and regular size on the other (bring your Micro BR to the store and they'll help you get the right one). Connect the cable to your BR, then to your computer, and your computer will recognize it as an external hard drive.

Then download and install this program: ... jectId=699

Open the program and you'll see a dropdown on the left side with the names of the files saved on your Micro BR under "song". Pick the song name you want to export and then go to the colored buttons on the grid on the right side of the screen. Each green colored dot represents a track on your file - so if you recorded five tracks, there will be five green dots. Select the ones you want to export by clicking on them so they turn orange, then hit "Go".

The WAV file will then export to your computer. It's that easy. Then you can convert them to .mp3 or whatever you want at that point.

I'm surprised to hear someone say there's hiss on the recorded tracks - mine is dead quiet, but I'm not using external gear either - I think that may be the cause of the hiss.....?

Also, as far as buying a bigger card to store songs on - I went to Tiger Direct and bought a generic SD card on sale for $9, 1 GB, and it works perfectly. Combined purchase of the USB cable and card was $20 plus tax. So you won't break the bank by buying them and the larger storage format makes recording on it a lot more fun - you're not constantly monitoring how much space you have left.

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