Red Red Wine Into Macbook Pro, Please Ease My Pain

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Post by lharless » Wed Nov 28, 2007 12:49 pm

i was shaking a bottle of yoo-hoo strawberry milk and had taken the metal film off already. didn't tighten the top very well. went all over the keyboard of my pc laptop. ruined keyboard. never performed the same again. sold it. got a mac. always drink things with lids around computers and always face away from the computer. tighten those lids. ...and keep your tools away from the lcd screen.

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Post by GoatKnuckles » Mon Dec 03, 2007 2:53 am

A-Barr wrote:I once poured lemonade concentrate into a fax machine in front of my boss.

Don't ask.
i'm asking
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Post by lancebug » Mon Dec 03, 2007 6:16 am

A-Barr wrote:...and people wonder why I show up with one of these on:

By any chance were you wearing this when you poured the lemonade into the fax machine?

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Post by japmn » Tue Dec 04, 2007 5:22 pm

I spilled an Ice House (that's right!) in to my computer tower once. The whole can. Most just poured out of the botom but a lot collected near and on the lowest PCI slot. The computer was not turned on at the time so I cleaned up as much as I could with paper towels and Q-Tips(TM.) and it let it dry out. Started right up and still works.

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Post by rydberg » Fri Dec 07, 2007 11:27 am

I still have an old iBook that I absolutely abused day in and out. The power cable would find a way to wrap itself around my leg, I'd stand up and walk away....blammo. That must have happened more than a few times. The worst episode with that machine was when I was riding my bike home from work with said iBook in my backpack. I was coming off a curb to merge into traffic and the zippers on the backpack totally failed and ripped open. The computer bounced out and slid across the street. Amazingly, it continued to work, albeit with a totally cracked case and a twitchy monitor display. When I got my new PowerbookG4 laptop, I made sure I got a new super-strong backpack. But within 3 days of getting it, it slipped out of my hand and dented the corner. :roll:


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Post by thieves » Fri Dec 07, 2007 12:03 pm

I used to have my DAW setup with everyting in a wheeled rack case, with a mixer on top. i'd keep my powerbook on the top of the case when i wasn't using the mixer and could shut the top. i had my laptop and desktop running at the same time, and was enjoying a glass of kool-aid at my computer desk. i had it set up so if i spilled at the desk, the only possible thing that could get ruined was my keyboard, or so i thought. i went to reach for the glass, but instead of grabbing it, i hit it with my hand and flung it over the 2+ foot gap to my open powerbook, which was turned on. the entire glass spilled right into the thing... it died instantly and not a single component ever worked again.

takin' a dinner break
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Post by Mradyfist » Fri Dec 14, 2007 12:55 pm

I have a much happier story about my laptop. It's a POS Dell, 1Ghz P3 with no built in wireless and a dead battery. About a year ago, I was hanging out with a roommate drinking some nasty vodka/fruit punch and watching YouTube videos at the table, when I managed to knock my entire glass straight onto the keyboard.

Of course, I was up later than I should've been anyway, and had to get up for work tomorrow, and I was already pretty trashed, but I didn't want to throw away a perfectly good laptop. So I turned it off and stripped the thing down entirely, cleaning as I went; after spending a good two hours, I had the whole thing put back together and turned on. For a while the keyboard was a little stick, till I took it out again and ran it through the dishwasher. Everything still works perfectly except for the floppy drive, which I didn't even realize until I put a disk a couple months later and it made a noise like a cat in a blender.

So now when I'm using my laptop I always get drunk, and I rest my glass on the keyboard itself cause I know it can handle it. That thing is built like a tank, or possibly a car with some kind of juice-proof armor.

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Post by A-Barr » Fri Dec 14, 2007 2:33 pm

Mradyfist wrote: So now when I'm using my laptop I always get drunk,
Good strategy.

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