Those of you that run an MM1100 or 1200...

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Those of you that run an MM1100 or 1200...

Post by CDB Studios » Wed Feb 20, 2008 11:59 am

What tape do you use and why?

How do you set your machine up and why?

Why did you chose your machine over other 2"?

Are you running 24 or 16?

The damn 16 track 2" Ampex mm1100 is on the fritz, again!!! But I do love me some tape.

It's my love-hate relationship

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Post by punk77 » Sat Mar 08, 2008 9:43 pm

Hey Zach,

I decided to buy a tape deck after considering to upgrade the converters on my PTMix system to something from apogee. I just wasn't happy with the sonic quality of my computer system. I hadn't owned a tape deck since my portastudio 144 when I was a kid. The Ampex machines have the reputation for that fat warm rock'n'roll sound. The mm1100 has to be the cheapest 2" machine out there. So I dove into the deep end. Now, I am capable of looking after it, so owning an old ampex isn't for everyone. You really have to understand what you're getting into. And get a box of spare parts too.

I have a 2" 16 track machine. I got a lot of 456 tape with it. I use the ampex primarily as a front end to the Pro Tools. So I'll reuse the tape for quite a while for economy.

I run 15 ips set up for +5

I am currently modding a soundworkshop 34C which i feel will compliment the ampex nicely.

So, the ampex and old console for sonic quality at a very low price. PTMix for the editing features that these older analog machines don't have.

This is for my home studio. Pro set ups may need something more reliable than a mm1100.


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