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Post by mrufino1 » Sun Nov 30, 2008 4:57 pm

I recorded both of our church services today using the phonic board and ardour. I think I may try JAD or 64 studio and see if they are better suited to live recording than my general purpose ubuntu, which I love for most stuff. I did get it to work pretty well for our second service by not using the real time kernel, ubuntu 8.10 and the real time kernel are apparently not the best match. Once I got JACK going with the right latency and options, I had no more xruns and ardour didn't crash. My laptop is a bit on the underpowered side for this kind of stuff now, so that is some of my issue. I'm not trying to make any business of recording right now, so it is the time for me to try all of this out and hopefully soon enough I will be 100% open source. For a linux book, I highly suggest the linux bible- I have it out from the library right now and it is very good. Also tons of free info on linux on the net and many many helpful people (the Ardour IRC has helped me a ton in the past week). I still don't know ardour too well and there are still bugs, but I found out firsthand this week that you can be directly in contact with the developer and things will get fixed quickly. If you decide on ubuntu as your linux flavor, there is a book called the beginner's guide to ubuntu that is very good also, takes the "if you do this in windows here is how you do the same in linux" approach, which worked well for me.

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