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Post by visible cow » Tue Dec 02, 2008 7:02 pm

I've really lucked out at Starving Musician. Yamaha CS-15, Fender Rhodes, DBX 160a an amp or two....all for a great price. I saw a mustang there the other day.

It's not an immediately impressive place but you can usually find something cool. The damaged Berkeley folks that stumble in can be very entertaining.

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Post by austingreen » Wed Dec 03, 2008 3:34 pm

If you go to Berkeley you should at least stop by Subway Guitars. Lots of weird off-brands from 60's to now, harmonys, kays, doubt you'll find a strat there though. Huge selection, tiny place, stuff stacked on top of each other and packed into every possible space. Worth a look-see just to see how crammed it is! Inexpensive, usually can work a deal if he likes you (lame i think), but you have to hear his rambling boring stories that go nowhere and have no relevance to your visit. Plus huge glass display buried under unknown crap, full of vintage pedals, etc not for sale. Don't know if any of them work but would like to find out.

Real Guitars in SF is great but guitar selection is thin, great used amp gems, great vibe and cool people. Highly regarded repairs too.

Rocker has been cool to me, but too many V's for my taste....

Staving has been amazing to me over my 20+ years going there (in Santa Clara), but now too much new, cheap useless crap, still find a gem pedal now and again. Always go there for basic stuff instead of dreaded GC. Speaking of South Bay: Guitar Showcase in San Jose is an actual museum of guitars, basses, amps, Les Pauls, Fenders, most not for sale but have price tags just in case you were wondering... Great consignment shop too.

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