Guitar sound on Shins "New Slang" guitar/mic/pre

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Post by kayagum » Thu Feb 12, 2009 6:55 pm

I never thought that the Shins had a "dark" and "deep" acoustic tone at all (frankly, I think it's a little on the wimpy side), so I wouldn't obsess about what James Mercer is playing.

That being said, the 15 series Martins are all really great sounding and playing guitars (D15, 00-15, 000-15, etc.)

Tone is also more than the guitar model. String type, gauge, and god forbid, strumming and picking technique (which would require user input) also counts. I also think the signal chain is also overrated and secondary to the room acoustics.

Most importantly, I think it's very informative and educational to reference music you like, but buying the exact gear won't make you sound like the band/artist. If Jeff Tweedy got paid $1 for every person who bought an SM7 because of his damn video (especially on this board- just do a search), he could retire today. I think it's funny that people try to figure out how Nick Drake got his sound, when it's really just him (and 2nd'ed by Joe Boyd). I often use American Music Club as a reference, but buying an RE-20 mic (which was used for the Mercury sessions) won't make me sound like Mark Eitzel.

Quit being a fanboy- make your own music! Someday, someone may want to know how YOU did it. :D

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