Make the best 800 dollar drum mic kit

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Post by T-rex » Sat Mar 14, 2009 2:01 pm

mjau wrote:I'd think $800 can get you lots of flexibility as far as building a mic cabinet for drums.

If buying used, you could do go:

Kick: e602 $150
Snare: sm57/atm23/beyer m69 $60-$100
Overheads: 2x Oktava mc012's $250

Or just get a single awesome mic (R84 used - $800) and place it where it sounds best.
+1 with some love for the single mic R84 added in. If you bought them all used, you could also affor a 4050 for a room mic, or mono overhead with the mc-012's as stereo room mics or toms etc., etc. The 4050 is super versatile with the multiple pick up patterns. Or a set of e604's for toms if everything needs to be close mic'd and the room sound sucks.
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Post by mscottweber » Sat Mar 14, 2009 9:07 pm

mjau wrote:
suppositron wrote:Anyone use an e609 on snare? I'm doing that now. sounds better than a 57 I think. I have it under the hi hat about 4 inches away from the snare pointed towards the center of the head. kinda lets the snare breath a bit and i dont pick up as much ringing overtones.
I like it on snare, usually a bit more than a 57.

I love doing this, although not using a 57 on snare is akin to thinking pro tools is over-rated, and likely to get you shot depending on who hears you say it... :)

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Post by blackdiscoball » Sat Mar 14, 2009 9:54 pm

I love doing this, although not using a 57 on snare is akin to thinking pro tools is over-rated, and likely to get you shot depending on who hears you say it... Smile
Saying both of those is a 100% true and 100% false, about %50 of the time.

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Post by Brian » Sun Mar 15, 2009 11:06 am

Get a Jolymod 319 or two and a nice 3 channel pre to put them in and a 57 for kick, use the 319's for stereo room mics fairly close to the kit mounted in x/y diaphragms intersecting and adjust the stereo field as desired, put the 57 about a foot in front of the kick mono. The 319s get the top and sub freqs in a natural manner and the 57 will get the snap and punch of the kick.

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Post by calaverasgrandes » Tue Mar 17, 2009 11:22 am

First I cant beleive anyone uses the beta 57 on snare. I had one of those for a few years and it was simply too hot for anything except vocals. On snare and guitar amp it would overload every mic amp I had. I'm sure folks do it, must be some mighty quiet drummers though!

I'd hazard a stab at it:
2x MC012 for O'heads $300-500
2x57 for toms $150-200
Beyer 201 for snare $100-200
Beyer TGX50 for kick $150-200

So thats $700-1100 depending on your luck in the used market.
Beyer mics are super underrated. They are like the super hot cousin of your girlfriend that you wish you knew about before you started dating your girl. (You girlfriend being Sennheiser/Neuman)
I would almost go as far as micing a whole kit with Oktava MC012's except I have never got them to work on kick. They sound nice on some snares and are great on toms. Used em like that for years. (which is why I only have two now!). With the right pre and kit they are perfect on overheads. The first time I ever got overheads to work in a live sound situation was with Oktava MC012's. Man those drums were exploding that day!
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Post by Dr8Ve » Tue Mar 17, 2009 1:05 pm

Overhead: Audio-Technica ATM450 X2 $438.00

Kick: Audix D-6 $199.00

Snare: Shure SM-57 $99.00

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Post by permanent hearing damage » Mon Jun 15, 2009 9:49 am

suppositron wrote:Anyone use an e609 on snare? I'm doing that now. sounds better than a 57 I think. I have it under the hi hat about 4 inches away from the snare pointed towards the center of the head. kinda lets the snare breath a bit and i dont pick up as much ringing overtones.
i have used it with lackluster results. it was helpful with placement, though. but now that i have an atm450, i use that in those kinda situations, typically.

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Post by capnreverb » Mon Jun 15, 2009 10:16 am

An Audio Technica at3525 on each drum ($100 or less used on ebay)
A set of overhead sdc's that you like and are affordable.

This is my old set up. It still is now but with the addition of a rca bk-5 on the outside of the kick (at3525 on the pedal side) and an upgrade of some Josephsons as the overheads.

The at3525 is one of the best sleeper mics out there, needs the gain of dynamics but has the clarity of a condenser. Perfect for up close loud sources such as drums and cabs that most condensors would be overdriven on. I hate posting this for fear it drives up the prices, but I have 5 of them all ready.

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Post by Stevil » Mon Jun 15, 2009 11:31 am

i went with:
Kick - Shure Beta 52 - $190
Kick (beater) - AT Pro25 - $60
OH - AT2020 x2 - $200
Snare - 57 - -$100
Toms - dynamic 58's - (i had some old ones lying around, you should be able to find 3 used for $250 easy)

i tried the Mxl 991/603's as OH before going with the AT2020's, the AT's have a much clearer tone & are less gritty/airy.

also i'm looking to replace the SM57, too much stick on skin & not enough "snare" for me. i tried an SM7 & like that it captures more of the drum, but i dont like having my vocal mic near flying drumstix. Audix I5 & Heil PR20 are on the list to check out when some room opens up in the budget.

happy hunting!

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Post by ott0bot » Mon Jun 15, 2009 2:18 pm

great suggestions so far....and this is so subjective. I'd make sure to get a cross section of ldc's, sdc's and dynamics to cover your basses and a ribbon if you can swing it. You can always add that later as well. That way you can mic in a variety of styles and don't feel limited by your mic selection. I'd try to find used, good condition mics off forums, craigslist or ebay to get more for your money.

Here's my suggestions-

sdc's - Studio projects C4 stereo set. i got mine new for $220.
Great stereo pair with cardiod and omni capsules. Great as overheads, or 1 overhead and 1 on a tom.....or snare or high hats. They have a roll off and pad as well.

ldc's - AKG Perception 200. You can get these used for cheap usually around 50-90. The 220's are newer version. These have a pad and roll off too. A stereo pair sounds great for overheads, as a bottom snare mic, and especially great as a FOK.

EV re 20 - used around $200-250 (maybe less if you're lucky). These are just awesome for a kick or floor tom mic....and sound great on nearly everything.

Senhieser MD 421 - used from 170-230. Depending on the model. Fantastic on toms, snares, and kicks. Another versitile dynamic.

SM57 - used around 40-60. great all around utility mic. durable and sounds decent on nearly everything. I even like them on hats if I don't want them so bright.

e609 - used around 40-60. for snare variety....great on top as previosly posted. It's pretty decent on bottom and even sounds good on toms. Plus it's small and durable.

EV 635a - used around 25-60. It's a sturdy omni dynamic that's really great mono overhead, interesting on snare and kick, and even great on summing a few close proximity toms.

So thats right around 800-900 if you give it sliding average. This way you'll have a pretty versitile set of mics, not only for drums but several other applicaitons as well. On your next purchase you could invest in a stereo pair of cascade Fathead ribbon mics and use those for overheads or a mid side set up.

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Post by Brett Siler » Tue Jun 16, 2009 2:54 pm

I would highly suggest you getting a some of Okatva MC-012s (or MK-012s). The go with drums like a glove fits to a hand.

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Post by Recycled_Brains » Tue Jun 16, 2009 5:54 pm

Sound advice so far.

I would be happy with:

Shinybox 46C - OH - $400
SM57 - SN - $100
AKG D112 - K - $250

That'd be a totally useable set up for rock music. If you went used with the 57 & D112, you could swing a couple more 57s for toms.
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