close sounding dry drums!

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Post by GoatKnuckles » Tue Apr 28, 2009 7:54 am

i'm constantly chasing a dry drum tone myself (Rumors or Harvest type tone) this is what has worked for me.

+ 1 on the moongels these things are great or if you want to save some cash, get some of those sticky hand things from a vending machine, you can usually find these at grocery stores.

I've also been rocking vintage coated ambassadors as opposed to the standard ones, someone on here turned me on to them when I was chasing the very same type of sound a few months back.

I like to tune the top snare head kinda low and the bottom real tight, gives a nice thwack kinda sound and I think translates the best for a dry drum sound as opposed to the opposite which provides more of a cracking type sound.

I set up a stereo pair of overheads but focus them mainly on getting pretty precise cymbal sounds and not so much capturing the overall kit, one aimed at the bell of the ride one aimed at the high hat.

hope this helps.
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