TASCAM M30 Project - Need Schematic

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Tired Eyes
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TASCAM M30 Project - Need Schematic

Post by Tired Eyes » Wed Sep 15, 2010 8:28 am

Hi. I've got this M30 project I'm working on, and could really use a schematic. I've managed to download a user manual that was very helpful in understanding the board but I'm wondering if anyone here has the schematic / service manual or knows an online source. I couldn't find one on google or the other recording sites.

Failing that, the only thing I have left to fix on this is a noisy channel 8. It's a white noise that goes up and down with the #8 fader. Maybe there's a common failure that causes this? I unfortunately didn't test the various outs to further locate the source of this noise before tearing it apart. The op-amps on this channel board are 4556, 072 and TL072. Anything suspect there?

What I have accomplished so far:

-Installed 48V phantom power with on/off for each channel
-Installed a BNC socket for a lamp with 12VAC
-Fixed a dead meter #1, which turned out to be a bad 4558 driver.
-And of course cleaning all the pots and faders.

Future upgrades I have in mind:
-New wood panels for the side to replace the junky beat-up ones
-Add transformers and balanced ins to channels 7 and 8 (only channels 1-6 had them)
-Add balanced outs - someone already put XLR's in (sloppily) for buss 1 and 2 but just ran the 2 conductors from the line outs.

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Post by wkrbee » Fri Sep 17, 2010 4:33 pm

Parts@ Teac.com or 323-726-0303 ex.840 if you are in the U.S. will sell you the real manual.The original manual was a combo operation/maintenace manual.
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Post by ChunkyBustout » Tue Oct 19, 2010 1:18 pm

Tired Eyes - Any chance of you posting photos of the project? I'm very interested in the 48V phantom power with on/off for each channel and the BNC socket for a lamp with 12VAC.

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