Re 5 watt combos, specifically the Bugera

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Re: Re 5 watt combos, specifically the Bugera

Post by Zoltar » Tue Nov 23, 2010 6:07 pm

vvv wrote:I know it's a little redundant in light of the Marshall and lunchbox threads, butt is anyone currently using these real little amps, and doya like 'em? (Yes, I UTSF'd.)

Specifically, I can getta Bugera for about US$100 used, locally; the reviews I find are pretty mixed, butt I'm wonderin' if that's just because it's Chinee-made, and prob'ly/mebbe by Behringer?


Or is 5 watts in general not gonna mic up real well in light of the lack of air being moved, etc.?
Depending on your cabinet situation, i think the speakers you get in a lot of these small combos are terrible. I have a jet city picovalve that I put through 4 vintage greenbacks. Even on the 2 Watt setting, I am getting lots of low end, and plenty of volume for recording.

A few others to consider are the Matamp Spirit (8 inch) and the Traynor Darkhorse (head) although those are both in the 500$ price range.

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