Altec 1567a mixer / pre upgrades/mods?

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Burnt Ernie
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Altec 1567a mixer / pre upgrades/mods?

Post by Burnt Ernie » Sun Mar 13, 2011 8:34 pm

Anyone tried modding these things? I've had a couple for 25 years,have never had a lick of trouble with them,and(since I bought them) have never changed a thing. They were recapped/cleaned up then.
1 channel on each is a little hissy/noisy,but nothing bad on something loud.
The line ins sound as good as the mic ins,which is sweet.

1 unit was the 2nd floor pager for the checkouts at the St Paul Montgomery Wards store. I took direct outs out of ch 1,2,3,although they definitely sound better through the output and tone section.

I tend to use that one for kick,snare,bass di,room.(whatevers unconnected through the direct outs goes to the eq/main output )
The other one as a close/far/di amp/keys/vocal mixer
These things have such nice sounding circuits,and SO MUCH GAIN,there's
gotta be something in there to tweak,without compromising the tonality.
I was dreaming of an Ampeg-esque
inductor-tone stack for mids,but let me know if you've heard of something
interesting. Thanks!
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Re: Altec 1567a mixer / pre upgrades/mods?

Post by tonewoods » Tue Mar 15, 2011 8:11 pm

Burnt Ernie wrote:....and SO MUCH GAIN...
Gawd, I love a good ribbon through a 1567a....

Something very special about that combo....

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Re: Altec 1567a mixer / pre upgrades/mods?

Post by mjpendrick » Tue Nov 13, 2018 12:03 pm

Hey there

just got 2 of these units! They have been sitting unused for a long time, so i am looking to have them serviced. Have been doing some reading into whether there are any good modifications to do on them. Most people say leave them alone but i have heard you can reduce noise and improve the sound by removing the tone circuit. Any other recommended mods or service issues to look out for?

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