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Post by eeldip » Mon Sep 05, 2011 8:43 pm

i got a few panels of homasote for my room. i assume that "sound board" is probably very similar.

not that i have put them through rigorous testing, but i found the boards to be very nice for making corner traps. basically just cut the panels into 2x4 sections. put them in upper and lower corners and stuffed ultratouch behind them.

i also used some 2x4 sections affixed to the walls to control things a bit. i think they worked less well for this application. i was trying to cut down on the dry wall sound. although the reflections off the panels sounds good, you need a lot of it to make a difference.

a material like 703 or ultratouch, if you stick your ear up to it, its nearly a black hole for sound. sound board refections are just a decent sounding deadish kinda thing.

so basically, i would recommend getting a fair amount of it (especially at $7 a panel, way cheaper than real homasote).

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