Tascam TSR-8 Problems

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Tascam TSR-8 Problems

Post by japmn » Wed Oct 12, 2011 1:44 pm

Hey guys, long time!

I have a TSR 8 that is having some issues. In FF and RW the stop button doesn't work. The tape is moving all around the path. I suspect tension is the problem. Another problem I have is I cannot find a Service manual anywhere on the internet. I'd rather not pay some dude on Ebay $50 for a PDF on a CDR just to see if this machine is going to work at all. I bought it along with a MSR 16 that is totally shot, but good for parts. Guy wasn't sure if the TSR was completely functional or not. It seems to be alright accept the tape path prob.

Anyone have a fix on a Service manual. I have the operations manual but it is almost worthless.



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