Inverted phase and hard panned. Issues?

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Post by Jitters » Wed Nov 30, 2011 9:44 pm

themagicmanmdt wrote:this seemed to happen for the r. stones 'sympathy for the devil', wherein the piano dissapears in mono but feels like 'wide stereo'.

then again, that might have just been bad engineering...?
I always assumed that was a clever metaphor refering to the nature of evil as it relates to the concepts of duality and nonduality. No?

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Re: Inverted phase and hard panned. Issues?

Post by bobschwenkler » Tue Dec 06, 2011 11:08 pm

slowcentury wrote:So on my bands record i have been mixing the farfisa by making a duplicate inverting the phase and hard panning the two channels to give the organ a wider sound. Other than the fact it will disappear in mono are there any other issues I should be worried about down the road? This album is being pressed to vinyl. Thx!
May have been mentioned already but I didn't even stop to read. Don't do it!

One other minor (I'm being facetious when I say minor) problem is that this particular source will also disappear on vinyl. And it will drive people who know what it sounds like crazy.

Try hard panning (in phase) and delay one channel. Or a stereo chorus. You'll still get varying degrees of cancellation but at least it won't be complete. If you do the hard panned thing you might also try adding some ambience, distortion/ heavy handed compression, and/or anything else to get the information between the two channels less correlated.

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