All in one digital 16 tracks?

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Burnt Ernie
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All in one digital 16 tracks?

Post by Burnt Ernie » Sun Jun 30, 2013 7:59 am

Any of the all-in-one/self contained (mixer/recorder/with knobs) do 16 tracks
simultaneously? Digging around,can't find much .Thanks!
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Post by ott0bot » Mon Jul 01, 2013 12:33 am

the closest thing is a Korg d3200, which is a basic mixer with 12 xlr's, a spdif, and 2 internal drum machine tracks. I had the 8 track version, a d888 for years (a friend still uses it) and it's a great machine. the pre's could use more headroom, and the eq's some more range, but still pretty solid.

the other option I see is a 16 channel mixer and an Alesis HD24, which is probably going to have a lot more options....since you can use any mixer you please.

Burnt Ernie
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Post by Burnt Ernie » Mon Jul 01, 2013 4:55 am

Thanks! Yeah,great point about the board/mixer route. Was considering the Onyx/laptop combo,but I'd rather keep the computer out of the equation until
editing/mixing. Definitely want the tactile satisfaction of hands on faders,knobs. Mousework is a chore to me. I'll look around more. Thanks again!
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Gregg Juke
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Post by Gregg Juke » Mon Jul 01, 2013 8:14 am


I have the D3200, and it is a great machine. I didn't mention it, or it's 16-track cousin the D1600 (? I think that's what it's called ?), because they didn't meet your specific requirements (I don't know how many tracks you can record on the D16 at one time). But Korg makes (made, they are discontinued) a fine machine; I prefer using it to our Sonar set-up.

You can find D3200s on the used market for between $500-$900. There is a more suped-up version called the "XD," I believe, that has more pres, can record more tracks at a time, and has more bells and whistles, but is more expensive. They are going for a bit more on the used market. But yeah, I get you, that's one reason I like using the Korg (tactile faders); I don't really use any automation when I mix with the D3200, I just do "fader performances" like in the old days. The faders do not have a lot of throw (small faders and not a lot of room) but they are sufficient and responsive.

As for external pre-amps and outboard effects, it's pretty easy to set them up on input while you track. Not so easy to use at mixdown instead; there are only a certain amount of 1/4" inputs, and no fx loops, inserts or direct outs per channel.

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Snarl 12/8
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Post by Snarl 12/8 » Mon Jul 01, 2013 1:06 pm

I sorta hate to bring your attention to this, because I've been thinking about springing on it, but I'm pretty sure I'm either going to go another route or no route at all...

Carl Keil

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Roland VS-2480

Post by rboyce » Tue Jul 09, 2013 5:09 pm

A Roland VS-2480 meets your requirements. 16 track simultaneous recording (@ 16/44.1). Can also record at 24/96, but the simultaneous recording track count goes down to either 12 or 8. 8 XLR inputs, 8 TRS line inputs. You can also use an ADAT-equipped 8 channel preamp (like the Behringer ADA8000 or something similar from Mackie or Presonus) for an additional 8 channels of I/O (via the Roland DIF-AT or DIF-AT24).

The 2480 is a pretty powerful and stable machine. It also supports mouse-based waveform editing. Lots of built-in bells and whistles. Lots of used ones floating around the bay for reasonable $$$.

Feel free to PM if you want more specific info.



P.S. A cheaper and less powerful option is the Fostex VF-16 and/or VF-160. Can also support up to 16 tracks of simultaneous recording.
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Post by konabuzz » Tue Jul 09, 2013 5:58 pm

+1 re. the Fostex VF-16.....

I've used it often recording bands live at shows (multing each channel off the board) and it's amazing to have so much control mixing it down later. Drums especially benefit from a post mix.

The Fostex does not have the candy that the Roland has but does have the basics...eq and pan, of course, but also some onboard effects...delay, verb, modulation. I don't use much of that but the onboard compressor isn't bad. 16 bits max but I think the DACs sound quite good. Simple and easy to use...I also have a Roland VSR-880 that I don't really use as it's all menus and buttons and I find that it just kills my workflow.
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Burnt Ernie
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Post by Burnt Ernie » Sun Jul 14, 2013 2:36 pm

Fascinating amount of options out there. The d32xd/d16xd with the extra 8 xlr inputs looks great if you can find it.
Gotta dig into the d3200 manual /pic of back end to see whats beyond the 8
-1/4" mic,or line ins to track more than 8 at once,or there's some other expansion thing. Just want 1 rack,with a drawer full of mics and cords, a couple pres,4 comps,my springverb,flanger doubler,a couple old synth modules,and be able to track
full bands at gigs,their spaces,or myself with a drum kit,bass amp,guitar amp,
Wondering about reliability of a 12 year old machine.
All your help is greatly appreciated.
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Post by getreel » Mon Jul 15, 2013 2:14 pm

Why do you want all in one? Why not a good firewire or USB mixer with a PC or Mac? I'm still baffled that the studio where I'm a tech uses an older Radar when their console has firewire to go straight into the DAW. They do the sessions on the Radar and then transfer the files on a CD to the DAW to mix. Seems like the extra steps are a waste of time. But I get it if you're not into the DAW thing. A lot of people aren't but it's such a powerful way to work and may be less expensive than an all in one unit that's not upgradable like a DAW computer. Also, with a computer DAW, it's easier to upgrade and add hard drive space, external drives, etc. With an all in one, you are limited to that manufacturers ways of working and possibly many proprietary parts that may be expensive if it quits. I'm a DAW junkie and I use Reaper mainly but also have Logic Pro on a Macbook Pro. Oh, but I also love analog tape so I'm one of those people with one foot in modern ways of doing things and the other firmly in the past.

Burnt Ernie
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Post by Burnt Ernie » Wed Jul 17, 2013 6:18 pm

I love tape,too. I have an old tape machine,several racks of stuff(nothing fancy),the remnants of an all analog/tube studio from the late 90's,a huge parchbay I built,yadda,yadda. It sits unused most of the time because it's cumbersome,and space is expensive. Never made much dough doing cheap records for bands i believed in then,can't afford the overhead,and dont have
the time now.
Just wanna turn it on,dial in a sound,and record.
Recorded and released at least 10 things off my old tascam 38,before I had
anything sexy. But it's surprising what you can come up with,when you dont give a rip if it's not hi fi enough. Worked for them,still works for me.
Dont have thousands of $$$$,and weeks of time to configure/update/debug.
Computers are NOT the solution.
Just my 2 cents.
Eric :P
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Bro Shark
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Post by Bro Shark » Thu Jul 18, 2013 9:47 am

Tascam makes 24 and 32 channel units in the $400-600 that definitely look interesting. I do enjoy working with a DAW, but sometimes like you said, it's great to power on and hit record without futzing with a bunch of mouse clicks and waveforms.

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Re: Roland VS-2480

Post by Seej » Sun Feb 15, 2015 2:14 pm

rboyce wrote: A cheaper and less powerful option is the Fostex VF-16 and/or VF-160. Can also support up to 16 tracks of simultaneous recording.
I've got a VF-16. It can only record 8 tracks at a time. The other 8 are doubled on 9-16 if you record all 16. Still, not bad when you're recording a 4 piece band live. I like it a lot, very handy when I need to comp tracks or make a quick stereo backing track. My only real gripe is the varispeed isn't as wide as my old 4track (used to do crazy backwards varispeed stuff on that old thing, but that's another story), but overall it works well for my needs.
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Trick Fall
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Post by Trick Fall » Sun Feb 15, 2015 6:18 pm

Old thread, but I recently purchased a Korg D3200 and it was the best 350.00 I've spent in ages. I only wish it had inserts and another aux out. I can't believe how much more I enjoy working on this thing. If I had to do any real editing I'd probably do it in the computer, but for actually recording and mixing it is just so much more fun for me.

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