Seeking 60's "Revolver-esque" kazoo/sitar-like fuz

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Post by Jeff White » Wed Oct 02, 2013 11:57 am

KennyLusk wrote:^^^^^

That's an awesome link Jeff, thanks.
You got it! A crazy life mystery has been solved for me via that video.
Jim Williams wrote:Everyone needs their own hand built fuzz tone, makes you a guitar god with mystic.
Amen. It's like building your own lightsaber.

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Post by numberthirty » Wed Oct 02, 2013 6:54 pm

Another possibility is less voltage(the equivalent of a dying nine volt battery) going to the pedal. A dying nine volt in a DOD Punkifier was a sound along this line.

The Pedal Power 2 has a pair of jacks where you can drop the voltage.

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Post by soundmasterg » Sun Oct 27, 2013 4:59 am

The fuzz sound on those Revolver recordings was from the amps. The Beatles were using the hybrid Vox amps at that time and for Peppers also. These amps have a tube output section and a solid state pre-amp. They also had a built in fuzz circuit that you could run into the other channel and overload things. They were using the 7120, and the 4120, and later the 730. The 7120 uses four KT88's in the power section and has reverb and trem and the fuzz. The 4120 is a bass amp version of the 7120 and doesn't have reverb or trem. The 730 is a smaller guitar amp that uses EL84 output tubes, but the same preamp as the 7120. You can see video demonstrations of both here. I think you will hear the sounds you are looking for in the videos. The amps are rare, especially the 7120 and 4120 since there were only some testing versions that were made and given to groups like the Beatles and Stones and Troggs, and because they are so hard to find and the sound is cool, R.G. Keen, the site owner of Geofex was working on replicating the solid state circuit of these amps but I am not sure if he ever finished or not. Here is the video. ... vA6OdQ95fw


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