Heads up Rode NT5 owners

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Heads up Rode NT5 owners

Post by kslight » Fri Mar 21, 2014 4:27 pm

I'm assuming y'all got the same email I did earlier this week about Michael Joly's Rode NT5 replacement capsules being temporarily discounted?$249 a pair?but if you didn't?the offer is good I believe till Tuesday. I've been eyeing a new pair of SDCs because while the NT5s definitely are worth what I paid for them, have always leaned a little on the bright side. Instead I bit the bullet on MJ's capsules at the discounted price. Obviously have not received them yet?just thought I should point it out to anyone that's got a pair already...

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Post by Michael_Joly » Sat Mar 22, 2014 5:46 pm

Yes indeedy Tape Op'ers!

Until Tuesday morning you can get a pair of my new MJE-384K "Roadster" capsules for the introductory price of $249 (they're regularly $299).

These capsule replace the stock RODE NT5 capsules - just screw them on, no need to send in your NT5 mics. People asked me for years to come up with a modification for the RODE NT5 that would tame the high end and add some missing bass. I always declined because I didn't have an elegant solution.


(As seen on page 35 of Tape Op #100)

But this past Fall I put the thinking cap on and came up with the MJE-384K capsules for the NT5. They feature my "directview" diaphragm placement which eliminates diaphragm set-back coloration and also feature my new-design backplate which provides extended bass response, very flat mid-to-top end response, gets rid of the HF peak in the NT5 and supplies some missing very top end "air".

You can hear them in action vs. the Schoeps CMC-6 with MK-4 capsule at my site.

Enjoy! best, Michael

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