Apollo Twin Questions from New AE

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Apollo Twin Questions from New AE

Post by benisraelthompson » Sat Jan 31, 2015 10:31 am

I have a few questions, all very much beginner level.

1. I had a friend who's a pretty recommend the Apollo Twin Duo to me, citing that it's easy to add more channels with another interface because of the optical in the Apollo has. I've heard you can add interfaces pretty easily, though, without that. Just add an aggregate device on your computer's audio system preferences (I have a Mac). Why is the optical in a benefit? just so you don't use up another firewire/usb/thunderbolt slot on your computer?

2. Is it safe to buy an Apollo Twin Duo used? My friend bought an Apogee Duet used and has had a bunch of issues with it. Also, how does that work with the UAD plug-in licensing? Is that safe?

3. I noticed the Apollo 16 doesn't actually have mic pres. Does that mean you only use it for it's converters? And if you aren't plugging into the Apollo 16, where are you plugging your mics into?

Thanks so much.
Ben Israel Thompson

Jim Williams
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Post by Jim Williams » Mon Feb 02, 2015 7:57 am

Check out Tascam's UH-7000. It's all Burrbrown conversion insides. It's on sale at B+H for only $399 with a free set of AKG cans thown in.
Jim Williams
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Post by mrc » Mon Feb 02, 2015 7:58 am

I have one, and love it! With console 2 coming out in March, you'll be able to add more apollos in a chain on the thunderbolt line. I have an audient asp 880 for my adat add on mic pres/converters. Yeah, the 16 is converters only, so you would need outboard pres or line level devices for it. The plugins are really nice, and cause severe gear lust once you hear them. There are sales in June and December, with other offers throughout the year. The 610B, 1073 and api mic pres sound great, you can read about them at their site, and perhaps your friend has them so you can bypass the i-net audio. As an early adopter of the uad 1, I wish I had just bought the full package when I started, because it's hard not to go wild during the sales, and it's the cheapest way. They are power hungry plugs, so you'll probably end up with more sharcs. I'm at 4, and wanting an octo this spring.

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