Modding a DeArmond 602 volume pedal

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Modding a DeArmond 602 volume pedal

Post by IanWalker » Fri Sep 23, 2016 11:02 am

So I have a '60s or '70s DeArmond 602 volume pedal. I dig the look of it, it's transparent, the sweep is clean and even...

The only issue is that the sweep is so small on the pot. To the point that if I have it configured so that heel-down cuts all sound, toe-down is a significant loss in volume. I can adjust the sweep so that toe-down doesn't cut signal, but then heel-down isn't a full mute.

Okay, so not a great design to begin with, but it is what it is, and I kind of dig it, if only I could solve this issue.

I figure if I could increase the size of the gear wheel on the pot (it's a standard sawtooth and gear style movement like a Crybaby) it would increase the sweep range. There is even enough play in it that I think it could work.

The only issue is I can't find any suitable parts to do it with.

Anyone have any ideas or leads?

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