Quantum 128 Mixing board. Any other Quantum owners?

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Quantum 128 Mixing board. Any other Quantum owners?

Post by creaturesleeper » Sun Oct 01, 2017 7:17 pm

I've had this thing for years and am diving back into it again after it sat in the corner for a long time inoperable. I have made a little patch bed to pull the boards seperately to power up put signal in and work on. Its going good so far. I posted in here several years ago about it and got busy with other projects so here goes again. I'fd love to talk to other owners users etc.

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Re: Quantum 128 Mixing board. Any other Quantum owners?

Post by cgarges » Wed Nov 08, 2017 10:42 pm

The early REM recordings. (original "Radio Free Europe" single and "Chronic Town" EP) were done on a Quantum that Mitch Easter had before getting his Amek. There's a pretty substantial "early REM" thread on here form a few years ago where I got Mitch to give some pretty heavy answers about those records. I always liked the way they sounded.

There was also a guy around Chapel Hill in the 80s named Steve Gronback who had a larger, nicer Quantum and I always liked the sound of stuff that came out of his place. I think Quantum also built a few REALLY nice, much bigger consoles. I'm pretty sure that John Vanderslice had one of those for a while.

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