Emu 1820m Dock..?

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Emu 1820m Dock..?

Post by Thedeacon » Wed Jan 17, 2018 10:16 pm

Hello..First I'd like to let people know I'm not new, I had to change my username. I'm the artist formally known as Snatchman..(lol)..
Anyway, I'm having some issues with my 1820m Dock..For some reason it only records thru the two front mic/line inputs.. :???: .. When I plug into the back line inputs, nothing shows up in Reaper..!..I can see signal present in the Patch Mix meters..I was thinking it was software related but I'm led to believe its physical issues because I've done everything I know how ,to make it work from a just ticking side...I do have some distortion periodically thru the speakers as I'm thinking those " two infamous caps " may be rearing its ugly heads again..!..Do these caps set in the the signal path of the 1820m..?..Anyone have an ideal what I'm missing..? Or do you have a Dock laying around you want to get rid of..? ( :mrgreen: )..Thanks..

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