Using an Akai 1710W/L Preamp. Impedance Question

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Using an Akai 1710W/L Preamp. Impedance Question

Post by rschlierbeck » Wed May 23, 2018 6:38 pm

I want to use my Shure KSM8 dynamic mic with a Akai 1710W/L preamp that only has a TS jack and I'm trying to find out the proper way to make this connection. The specs say the preamp's input imedance is 30KOhms. The KSM8 output impedance is 300 Ohms.

I understand it's ok to feed a low impedance output into a high impedance input but I'm having a bit of trouble. The KSM8 has an XLR out and the preamp has a TS input.

Things I've tried:
I've tried cabling per the Rane Sound System Interconnections document (Type 2 and Type 3) but there is a lot of noise at the necessary gain levels.
It was recommend to me to try using a DI box in reverse. This did eliminate the noise but had a very negative affect on the sound. I got distortion at very low sound levels. Was this loading the mic to much maybe?

I'm considering the following options.
Inline XLRF to TRSM inline transformer like the Whirlwind Little IMP. The description says "Allows using balanced XLR mics with unbalanced 1/4" high-impedance inputs"
ART DTI Isolation Transformer box. This says it's designed for impedances between 600 and 100K Ohms. Is the 600 Ohms appropriate?

I do think the answer is includes a transformer between the mic and the preamp input. Any suggestions about the best way to go?

I have spent some time researching Akai Tape Recorder preamps and I found many posts that said RodC on the TOMB was the expert. I did a search on here and nothing came up for the 1710. I would love to get some advice on using the tube preamp from this 1710 if anyone can help.



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